Surgery Checklist

If you want to compare Anesthetic and Major Surgical procedures at KAH to other Veterinary Hospitals just print off the list below and compare.

All Surgical Procedures Should Include the Following:

1. Before Anesthetic:

  • Physical Exam
  • Blood tests
  • Check kidney and liver function
  • Red and white blood cell count – check for infection and anemia
  • EKG – check heart function
  • IV Catheter & Fluids – to maintain hydration, good kidney function and have an intravenous line for emergency drugs if needed.
  • Tranquilization and Pain Control – to remove your pet’s anxiety and help ensure smooth induction and recovery.

2. Pre-oxygenation

3. Induction with:

  • Propofol – The most expensive but the safest product ever used in veterinary medicine.

4. Maintenance – on – and monitoring:

  • General Anesthesia:
  • Isoflorane “short acting” inhalation gas anesthesia for maintenance
  • Computerized and Human monitoring of vital functions
  • Oxygen saturation of the blood – ensure adequate oxygenation
  • Capnography – monitoring carbon dioxide levels in the patient.
  • EKG heart monitoring – ensure normal heart function
  • Blood Pressure monitoring – ensure proper tissue perfusion with blood
  • Respiratory rate and depth
  • Temperature monitoring – prevent hypothermia
  • Warmth and Comfort – your pet will be placed on a thermal barrier or warm water blanket
  • Sterile Surgery
  • Surgical Experience: Our doctors have 122+ years of combined experience with all kinds of surgery ranging from ovariohysterectomies (spays) to gastrointestinal, orthopedic, endoscopic, and Laser surgery.
  • We work in teams on surgeries anytime it is required.
  • Laser Surgery available
  • Endoscopic surgery available

5. Post-Oxygenation

6. Post Anesthesia Recovery and Pain Control:

  • Post operative non-addictive pain control – for a smooth, virtually pain free recovery.
  • Continuing pain control for Dogs and Cats

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