Pain Control in Dogs

Attention dogs with injuries, Arthritis or Chronic Pain

Now there is Meloxidyl!

  • Dogs and cats experience pain the same way humans do. That’s why veterinarians try to identify and minimize pain, and increase patient comfort by offering pain medication.
  • If you have a dog suffering from osteoarthritis or a cat about to undergo certain surgical procedures, then you should know about Meloxidyl.
  • Meloxidyl offers an easy, effective way to relieve pain in both of these situations.

Meloxidyl is a NSAID – (A Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug).

  • It is the only NSAID available as an oral suspension.
  • This liquid form allows easy, convenient, and precise dosing for dogs of all sizes, and it is given only once a day.

We have been using NSAIDs for many years at KAH. Now we recommend Meloxidyl!

For most dogs Meloxidyl is:

  • Safer
  • Better
  • Less expensive
  • Meloxidyl is a honey flavored liquid
  • As a liquid the dose of Meloxidyl is easily and accurately adjusted.
  • With tablets, you are either under or overdosing your dog.
  • Meloxidyl is excreted by the kidney and should not be given to dogs with impaired kidney function.

Rimadyl® & Deramaxx® patients – Ask your Kirkwood Animal Hospital Veterinarian about Meloxidyl for arthritis and pain control.

Also see our webpage about Therapeutic Laser Treatments– a non-pharmaceutical, Non-invasive method of treating pain.

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