What to expect during your first and all subsequent canine office visits:

Adult Dogs

Your Veterinarian will complete a full physical examination to establish a baseline for the overall health of your pet checking the following:

  • Body Weight
  • General health of your pet
  • Teeth and Gum health
  • Fecal testing – to check for various parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, etc…
  • Bloodwork – to check for Liver, Kidney and Thyroid function as well as heartworms
  • They will also check for any early waring signs for potential future problems such as joint heath – most notably displasia, a precursor to arthritis


Your veterinarian will complete all of the same examinations as above, with the exception of the Bloodwork.

Since a fecal exam is an important part of these exams, we request that you do everything possible to bring a stool sample with you to your appointment.

Pet Rest Area

For your convenience, we have a “Doggie Rest Area” adjacent to the parking lot – many clients use this area to gather the necessary sample.

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