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    Ovarian Sparing Surgery and Vasectomy

    Dec 06 2017

    Benefits of delaying spay or neuter traditional surgery or considering ovarian-sparing surgery (OSS) and vasectomy in dogs • Delaying traditional spay/neuter surgery until your dog is fully grown, or considering…

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    Independently Owner and Operated

    Feb 27 2017

    Kirkwood Animal Hospital is a privately owned animal hospital. You may have noticed on social media or in the newspaper that large corporations are buying animal hospitals and veterinary clinics…

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    New “Itch vaccine” for your allergic, itchy dog.

    Jan 31 2017

    A new type of allergy medication to help deal with the itch associated with dog allergies is now available at Kirkwood Animal Hospital. CytopointR is the name of the vaccine…

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    Springtime diarrhea in dogs

    May 24 2016

    “Springtime diarrhea” in the dog “April showers bring May flowers.” In the dog world April and May showers bring lush green grass, they bring baby bunnies, they bring baby birds…

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    Trick or Treat

    Apr 13 2016

    Trick or Treat? By:Kristina Derkos Having a difficult time giving your pet their heartworm preventative or other necessary medications? Many owners have a hard time giving medications to their furry…

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    Oral Flea and Tick products-the truth about total parasite control.

    Mar 30 2016

    What about those oral tick and flea medications? The veterinary world has seen the introduction of a number of different tick killing products and flea killing products.   Some of these…

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    Squirrels, Fleas, hot spots, anytime….

    Feb 25 2016

    Anyone who has owned a pet or known someone who has pets probably knows about fleas. As a pet owner myself, since I was a child I thought I was…

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    Dr. Abby Whiting, New Opportunity

    Jan 05 2016

    Dear Clients of Kirkwood Animal Hospital, I write to you with bittersweet news today. I am leaving my position here at KAH as I transition into a role in industry…

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    Don’t change that food!

    Dec 22 2015

    It seems to me that during December, the holiday season, the problem escalates. There are many traditional holiday treats around as well as tasty new items. Often the temperature drops…

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    Kennel Cough, Canine Infectious Respiratory disease complex

    Nov 19 2015

    Kennel Cough has been a troubling disease for dog owners, kennels, groomers and veterinarians for well over 40 years. Dogs with kennel cough usually suffer with a dry hacking cough…