May 24 2016

Springtime diarrhea in dogs

“Springtime diarrhea” in the dog
“April showers bring May flowers.” In the dog world April and May showers bring lush green grass, they bring baby bunnies, they bring baby birds and they bring rabbit poop deep in the lush green grass. Our canine companions love to chew on the lush green grass, they seek out the nasty rabbit excrement and the ingestion of too much of this stuff often results in diarrhea. We often get calls from panicked clients seeking advice on what to do when the squirts start. First off, don’t panic! Dietary indiscretion will often lead to diarrhea without any vomiting. Your first action is to get the dog away from the source of the problem. As humans we often think the dog will learn from event, rest assured they don’t! Diarrhea will not keep the dog from returning to the site of the crime. You must bring the dog in and place it in a controlled calm environment. Second, do not give the dog any further food and water for about 4 hours. Most of us humans don’t realize that when food and water is taken in by the dog, the ingested food and water actually stimulates GI contractions. Increased GI contractions result in more diarrhea. If 4-6 hours pass without any further diarrhea start the dog back on a small amount of their regular food and water. Give only 1/8 of the amount of food and water at that first feeding, wait 4 hours and do it again. Quite a few of the cases of diarrhea that we see associated with dietary indiscretion will resolve with this simple process. If your dog is vomiting along with diarrhea go to the vet right away. If you think there has been ingestion of a poison or you think your dog may have ate something that can result in an obstruction in the GI tract, go to the vet right away
James K Schuessler D.V.M., diplomat A.B.V.P.

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