Apr 13 2016

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat?

By:Kristina Derkos

Having a difficult time giving your pet their heartworm preventative or other necessary medications? Many owners have a hard time giving medications to their furry friends, but it is important to make sure they are correctly dosed each day and month.

The first step is to find something that they enjoy eating, but it has to be something you don’t give very often and has a strong odor to mask the scent of the medication. You can take some medications out of the packaging before giving it to your pet, so the odor of the medication isn’t as strong, but first consult with your doctor because some medications are light sensitive.

There are many delicious foods that you could use to entice them to consume their medications like peanut butter, braunschweiger, pungent cheeses, cream cheese, canned cat food, marshmallows, etc. We also carry pill pockets for both cats and dogs that will help your pets devour their medications. They come in chicken and salmon flavors for cats and chicken, hickory smoke, and duck & pea flavors for dogs. You want to make sure that you coat the pill with enough food to cover the pill, but not too much or they will be more likely to chew and find the medication and spit it out.

A handy trick is to toss the tasty treat in the air, first give a piece with no medication in it followed by the treat with the medication, that way they expect the second treat to taste the same as the first one did. The best times to give the medications are when they are distracted like on a walk or doing some kind of activity. You can coat the pills in butter between your fingers which will help your pet swallow them easier or have syringe of water on standby to squirt in their mouth after giving the medication. You also have the option of crushing up the medication and putting it in food, but there are some medications that can’t be crushed, so always discuss with your doctor before attempting

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