Mar 30 2016

Oral Flea and Tick products-the truth about total parasite control.

What about those oral tick and flea medications?

The veterinary world has seen the introduction of a number of different tick killing products and flea killing products.   Some of these products are administered orally.  The oral products are usually in a flavored, chewable tablet and last from 30 to 90 days.  At Kirkwood Animal Hospital we prefer Vectra 3D, a topical flea and tick killer with a flea and tick repellant.   You may ask, “Why do you recommend Vectra 3D when there is an easy to administer pill to kill fleas and tick?”  The reason is simple.  Vectra 3D repels fleas and ticks as well as kills them.  When applied topically the flea or tick will die when it gets to the dog’s skin.  The oral products are good flea and tick killers but the flea or tick must bite your dog and take a blood meal before it gets the chemical in its system and dies.  The flea or tick may take hours to die and during this time the tick may transfer diseases to your dog.  Diseases like  Anaplasmosis, Lymes, Rocky Mountain Spotted  Fever and Erlichiosis.  For total parasite control Kirkwood Animal Hospital recommends Trifexis orally and Vectra 3D topically for your dog.  This combination of products is the best way to repel and kill fleas and ticks, this combination also treats and prevents roundworms, hookworms and whipworms in the intestinal tract and prevents heartworm disease.

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