Nov 19 2015

Kennel Cough, Canine Infectious Respiratory disease complex

Kennel Cough has been a troubling disease for dog owners, kennels, groomers and veterinarians for well over 40 years. Dogs with kennel cough usually suffer with a dry hacking cough that can persist for days to weeks. The exact cause of the disease is unknown but certainly stress and infectious agents are involved. A very good vaccine to prevent the disease has been available for many years and includes Bordetella bacteria and two viruses, Adendo and Parainfluenza virus. Researchers have recently identified up to 12 different organisms that can contribute to this disease and now we call this problem Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease complex. (CIRDC) We now have a vaccine for Canine Influenza virus, H3N8 and we will soon have a vaccine for Asian Canine Influenza virus, H3N2. Just how many vaccines will your dog need to get to be protected? We don’t know! However if you want to do all you can do to protect your dog when going to places where dogs get together we recommend giving all the vaccines. At Kirkwood Animal Hospital we feel the vaccines are safe and offer your dog the best level of protection.

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