Nov 02 2015

Fear Free Practice

Tonight I will attend a continuing education meeting about “Making your practice Fear free.” Fear- Free are the latest buzz words in the world of veterinary medicine. A “Fear Free” practice does all it can to make the practice environment less stressful for our patients. Fear Free is something we have been working on at Kirkwood Animal Hospital for over 40 years. We have separate entrances for cats and dogs, the last thing a cat would like upon visiting the animal hospital is a big friendly lick from that 80 pound Lab. We will use DAP (dog appeasing pheromone) and Feline facial pheromones to reduce anxiety for our patients. We take care to approach our canine patients form a “neutral position” at floor level or eye level to not appear domineering. We try to approach our feline patients slowly and only after they are out of their carriers, this helps reduce their stress. For cats there is a diet specifically formulated to help reduce their stress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, “Feline Multicare Stress Formula.” This diet has been supplemented with the amino acid tryptophan which the body needs to make serotonin, a soothing substance found in the blood stream. The diet is supplemented with Zylkene, a milk protein, that has been shown to calm all species of animals and the diet has omega three fatty acids which reduce stress and inflammation. KAH will continue to recommend certain anti-anxiety drugs to those patients that require special handling at the time of examination. These drugs should always be administered two to three hours before coming to the hospital for optimal effects. KAH also will apply soft nylon muzzles to all of our patients when they leave the exam room. Dogs and cats have a tendency to lash out at anything nearby when they experience stress and of course they do this with their mouth and teeth. When a muzzle is applied their stress level is instantly reduced and a number of procedures can be performed without tranquilizers or fear for the patient. At Kirkwood Animal Hospital we love and respect our clients and their pets, we will continue to try and make the visit to the Veterinary hospital as fear-free as we can.
Jim Schuessler D.V.M., diplomat A.B.V.P.

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