Oct 27 2015

Am I feeding my old dog right?

I recently stepped into the exam room, with one of my favorite clients, when I was asked a rather unusual question, she asked, “ I noticed that my 9 year old dog’s BUN and creatinine levels on the blood work are going up, why is this and what can I feed my dog to keep this from happening?” The client then quickly pointed out that she was feeding only the finest organic dog food along with pasture fed beef. Because this client had previously owned a dog, related to this dog, with chronic renal disease she wanted to do all she could to keep this dog around as long as she could. The reason this was an unusual question was that the BUN and creatinine levels were within normal limits. This client had very alertly noticed a very minor upward change. Elizabeth, my assistant, quickly got on the internet and looked up the guaranteed analysis on the food. The answer to my client’s question was obvious. She was feeding a dog food with a minimum protein level of 30% and sprinkling 100% protein on top of the food. A 9year old dog, with a susceptibility to chronic renal disease, should get no more than 19-20% protein in their diet. It has been shown by research done at the Hill’s research center that a diet of approximately 19% good quality protein will double the life expectancy of dog’s predisposed to chronic kidney disease. This client has fallen victim to the rash of publicity produced by unscrupulous dog food companies that high protein levels are good for all dogs. In fact often, the opposite is true, especially with our geriatric friends. Please consult your veterinarian at Kirkwood Animal hospital before changing their diet, you may be saving their life.
Dr. James Schuessler D.V.M., diplomat A.B.V.P.

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