Oct 01 2015

Fear Free Vet Visits

Fear Free Veterinary Visits, Fact or Fiction?

At KAH our prime objective is to give you and your pet the best in medicine, surgery, and service. In addition to amazing vets, support staff, and the latest medical advances we also strive to offer a fear free environment.
Coming into the vet office can be riddled with anxiety for us and our pets. Different sights, sounds, strangers, injections, other pets….it’s a jungle of stressors! Thankfully our office is equipped to ease the fears and anxieties of pets and their people.
You’ve probably noticed we have separate cat and dog entrances. This helps our feline patients be more at ease at the clinic: after all who wants a curious Labrador’s nose in your carrier? We also utilize relaxing pheromone diffusers and sprays designed to give a sense of calm.
Our staff is specially trained in companion animal behavior and calming techniques to ensure you and your pet have an outstanding vet visit. With our feline friends you will often see our staff move slower and speak softly: cats are anxious with new things and people. You may notice your vet examines your cat while he faces you. When examined from behind, and looking at the owner, cats feel more secure.
For our nervous canine friends you’ll notice a myriad of tasty treats and rewards. Most puppies enjoy our exams and treats so much that they don’t even notice their vaccinations being given. Wow does this surprise and reassure our pet parents! Pain free injections! Nervous pets are given a little more time to warm up: our veterinary staff may even get down on the floor with them to ease fears and build confidence. Our staff not only makes the pet feel better, they also explain all the pet’s behavior signals and help owners reassure their pets too. Many of our canine patients love to come to see us and even tug towards the door from our parking lot!
Pet parents can be uneasy about vet visits too. Sometimes healthy pet visits uncover concerns or worries about our everyday pet care, sometimes visits for injury or illness hint at our worst fears. Our staff takes time with each owner to personally explain everything: whether it is a nutritional concern for a healthy dog, a dental need of a feisty feline or a serious medical condition you can bet our vets will answer your questions and create the best treatment plan possible.
If your pet has vet office phobia, give us a call. I know We can help!

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