Aug 10 2015

Stress diarrhea

Stress diarrhea is a real issue…
Remington, my Labrador retriever, has some real anxiety issues when coming to the vet. He came often as a puppy getting his monthly vaccines, but then at 6 months old he was diagnosed with Demodex Mange. This required him to be at the clinic frequently for Mitaban dips to rid him of the Demodex mites. This led him to become very stressed which then caused him to get diarrhea. Dr. Moore advised us to try Prostora a Probiotic for the GI Tract. Dr. Moore had recommended we administer the Prostora tablet to Remington a couple of days before the treatment or stressful event, during the stay here and to continue for a few days after. This has made all the difference and he no longer suffers from stress diarrhea when he is here. I also use this medication at home when he has to be kenneled for long periods, or when we have guests over.
By: Samantha Tierney Receptionist for 2 years

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