Jun 09 2015

The day that saved my life!

The Day That Saved My Life

I always try to listen to my Mom, Dr. Moore. I know she loves me a lot, and I know how much she loves her other patients. I constantly hear her talk about how important it is to do EKGs before surgery, but I personally thought she was just being goofy. Seriously, she runs around the house singing to me. I thought it was just another one of her funny jokes. A little over a year ago, Mom started talking to me about my breath being stinky, so she took me into clean my teeth. The EKG done that morning saved my life.
Mom was able to see that my heart was doing something weird by looking at my EKG. She said I had VPCs – which I later learned are ventricular premature contractions. When she saw this, she and my friend Dr. Whiting decided to take x-rays of my belly. Apparently VPCs can be a sign of a tumor in my tummy. They identified a tumor on my spleen, and suspected that it was bleeding. Dr. Whiting and Dr. Bendick prepared for emergency surgery to get my ugly spleen out of there!
It wasn’t an easy surgery, and I had to spend a few days in the hospital because my heart was still acting funny. Since I’ve recovered though, life has been great! I run in my big back yard. My Mom takes me on long walks around Creve Coeur Lake. What can I say? I’m a lucky dog

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