May 12 2015

Does your dog have Anxiety?

Does your dog have anxiety? I know mine does!
To help Sam my Labrador retriever relax I use DAP spray which is a canine appeasing pheromone produced by the mother within 3-5 days after giving birth. What I have found that works well is taking a bandana with some DAP spray on it to tie around his neck. It seems to help calm him down. Sam has different levels of stress so it helps calm and reassure him during the situation that he’s in. Without the pheromone at home he barks excessively when a visitor comes over and will cower away from them. When I’m expecting a guest I can use the spray and he doesn’t bark or cower as much. He still needs some time to warm up but I have seen some improvement. Not only does it calm Sam down but it helps me to not be as stressed with the situation. In addition to the spray I also have used his favorite toys as a distraction when someone comes and makes him feel more confident. In the past when I brought Sam to the vet he would urinate and defecate on the floor as soon as we walked in the door. Sam unfortunately had to have surgery at KAH and was a frequent visitor for a while. I started spraying DAP on his bed or blanket that was in the cage with him and after the frequent visits he stopped having accidents and excessive drooling was minimal. Because of my experience I have been able to recommend DAP spray to some of our clients with stressed pets.
Amy Mays  – Receptionist since 2006

Sam Mays

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