Apr 28 2015

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung! And in my home I always want to decorate with beautiful flowers and plants, but my first concern is which ones could be harmful if consumed by my pets. The most important thing is always keep plants out of reach. One of my favorite flowers, Baby’s breath, which is used for many flower arrangements, can give them symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. Another beautiful flower, the Easter lily which is a spring time staple can be very harmful to cats and could even potential lead to kidney failure. A common plant found usually found in my home is Aloe Vera while it helps me with sunburns and sores it is very toxic to my pet. The Daffodil is a common spring flower that can brighten any room, but could lead to tremors and cardiac arrhythmias from consumption of the bulb which is the most toxic part. Also the Narcissus bulb can cause convulsions and intense gastrointestinal irritation if swallowed. Another plant that always seems to pop up even if you don’t want it to is Ivy which can give my dogs some abdominal pain or hyper-salvation. There are also toxic plants and flowers outside of my home in common places where my pets love to spend their time. One of the things I love doing in the spring is taking my dog on walks in the park, but a common plant used for landscaping in public places is a Castor bean which can turn a special trip into an unpleasant experience for my dog. Also Cocoa Mulch which is simply the shell of the Cocoa bean which will give a sweet smell to any garden, but it can give symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea to my dog. These are just a few flowers and plants that could be toxic to your pet always contact your veterinarian if you think your pet has consumed a plant to find out the effects it may have on them.
Kristina Derkos receptionist for 14 months at KAH

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