Mar 26 2015

How we chose the perfect puppy

When I decided that my son and I wanted to get a dog, we had the exact pet we wanted in mind, a black
Labrador. Working in the vet field for 8 years I have seen problems and concerns with labs and I knew I
wanted to make sure we could find a breeder that would help make sure we got the healthiest puppy. I
chose to go through the AKC website to find a local breeder. It took months of research to find the
breeder that met my needs and concerns. A few main concerns and problems with Labradors are hip
dysplasia and thyroid disease. Our breeder has all of her dogs OFA certified to make sure their hips are
in excellent condition and also has all of them tested to make sure their thyroid levels are within normal
limits. I also wanted to make sure we could find a breeder that would let us come to where all the
puppies where kept, she was wonderful in this matter because we were able to visit multiple times to
see our puppy and all of the Labradors, even the ones that were not our dogs parents. Our breeder kept
up to date with our puppy’s health until we were able to take him home. Remington is now almost 2
years old and is in excellent health due to regular vet visits, blood work and a strict diet to keep his
weight under control which will ultimately help his hips throughout his life.
Samantha Tierney

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