Mar 17 2015

Crate training saves lives!

Crate Training Saves Lives
I have a 10 year old mutt that is named Munchie for a reason. She will eat any and everything in sight even a screwdriver! Weekly at Kirkwood Animal Hospital I see dogs that are very sick due to eating a foreign body. These dogs need emergency surgery that is very costly. The surgery can be life threatening. If surgery is survived the road to recovery is not a short or easy one. Many dogs are repeat offenders and need surgery more than once. As a mother of 3 children under the age of six, I have a busy life. When I am cooking dinner and helping my son with homework I cannot watch my dog. I also cannot make sure that my children are not feeding her things like crayons or toys. She spends time in her crate when I cannot see her and touch her. She feels safe in her crate and often goes in it on her own. She does this to take a break from the kids. My children spend time in their bedrooms to take breaks from each other. Why shouldn’t my dog be able to do the same thing? She does not spend her life in a crate. Is it better to spend a few hours in a crate or the surgery room? My answer is the crate.

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