Mar 10 2015

The Walz pack

Ellen Walz has been a part of the family at KAH for nearly 15 years.
The Walz Clan has a crazy pack of pups, as I call them and each member knows where they stand. Ellen is on top and Mom Walz is definitely on the bottom. I love training and behavior and I have learned over the last 20 years that exercise and consistency are the keys to a happy life. My pack has been made up of all different breeds over time. When I was a kid we had hunting breeds, like Irish setters, Labradors and golden retrievers. My favorite breed has always been the Irish setters but about 10 years ago I got my first Border collie and fell in love. At the time my first border collie, Dodger, entered the pack I already had a 12 year old Irish setter named Rhett and a 3 year old Gordon setter named Duke. Our routine was a daily 2 mile hike and weekly visits to the farm to run with the horses. I used to laugh about the 12 year old and 12 week old leading the pack because Duke was always lagging behind. The daily 2 mile hikes have turned into 3 mile hikes with a debate on whether to go farther. If I get too busy to play fetch every day or cut out our 3 mile hike then chaos takes over. Magically things start getting pulled off my counters or I wake up from a nap surrounded with every dog toy that can be found in the house and a few cat toys too! On the flip side with the proper amount of exercise my household can stay at a dull roar! The crowd also knows my schedule better than I do. If I change it at all they are quick to tell me. There is no such thing as forgetting a walk, meal or game of fetch. Everybody knows what it means if I let them out of there kennels one at a time or all at the same time. And picking up a leash even just to clean is a contract signed, sealed and delivered to go on a walk. The best cues and commands are the ones you say automatically and repeatedly. As a result “chill,” “it’s not time to get up yet,” “wait” and “drop it” are the best learned commands in my house. So the moral of the story is to hike everyday instead of dance and never under estimate the vocabulary of a Border Collie!

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