Jan 20 2015

Furry Family Members

Our family’s dogs are a yellow Lab, Robert, and a black Lab, Evie. Robert was formerly Dr. Bendick’s dog, our hospital owner. Unfortunately, he developed allergies to dogs and cats about 4 years ago. Evie is a senior dog who we have had for 2 years. They are both so great with our children, Danielle and Jordan.

Evie loves to stalk and chase squirrels on her walks. She would make an excellent Stealth fighter pilot. She has the vision of an eagle, spotting a squirrel well before I can notice it. Even with her significantly arthritic elbow, she can fly when she gets the squirrel in her range. She has yet to catch one but comes tantalizingly close at times. She is so mellow and easygoing in the house, but completely focused on squirrels once outside.

On his walks, Robert is all about seeing people. If you are working in your yard or walking down the sidewalk, Robert is convinced you have come out to see him and only him. He will start bounding towards you and walks away sadly if the person has not paid attention to him. When my husband Jon recently preached a sermon on how to be content in life, he spoke of Robert as a prime example. Robert is content while eating food, chewing on his bone, playing ball in the yard, but most of all, when someone is paying attention to him. If we don’t have the time for a walk or ball playing that day, he just asks us for 10 minutes for a belly rub. He starts groaning with delight. Robert reminds us that life is not about staying busy, but really just about appreciating our relationships with others.

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