Dec 09 2014

Veterinary medicine is great, where else can you have this much fun?

After 43 years in the business Dr. Fred Bendick, founder of Kirkwood Animal Hospital, still comes to Kirkwood Animal Hospital most days.  His favorite phrase to announce to the staff,  “ Veterinary medicine is great, where else can you have this much fun?”   Fred’s idea of fun is solving tough cases.  Unlike doctors in human medicine that usually specialize and see only one type of case regularly, veterinarians have to be well versed in all areas of medicine as well as with many species.  Over the last 24 hours our docs and staff at Kirkwood Animal Hospital had to consider the special needs of pets with the following diagnoses:

  1. Immune- mediated  disease in a Keeshound, likely Phemphigus Folliaceous.
  2. Diabetes mellitus in three cats.
  3. Diabetes insipidous in an Australian Shepherd.
  4. Mast cell cancer in a boxer.
  5. Spindle cell cancer in a boxer.
  6. A softball sized splenic tumor in a rescued dog.
  7. Persistant Mullerian Duct syndrome in a schnauzer.  A dog that looks like a male but also had a uterus.
  8. Ventricular escape beats in a Westie that came for surgery.
  9. Elbow dysplasia in a Wheaton terrier.
  10. Congestive heart failure in a Beagle.
  11. A dislocated hip in a young Sheltie.
  12. The removal of a mass on an eyelid.
  13. Diabetes Mellitus in a dog, this is much different than in a cat.
  14. Hypothyroidism in a Springer Spaniel.
  15. Constipation in an unhappy cat.
  16. A yeast infection in the ear of a Labrador.
  17. Allergies in a Westie.

Our doctors have 130 years of combined experience in Veterinary medicine, we can handle this array of cases.

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