Nov 17 2014

Inappropriate Urination by Cats

What is the most common reason cats are relinquished to shelters in our country? The cat has begun to urinate out of the litter box. What is the most common reason for cats being euthanized in our country? The cat is urinating out of the litter box. Inappropriate urination by cats is a huge problem for the cat owner or guardian. As a profession, veterinarians must address this problem. As cat owners/guardians we must objectively evaluate our cats living conditions. Indoor cats are usually the individuals with this problem. Indoor cats are often overweight and stressed. Yes, “stressed.” Most of the cat owners that I see respond to my implication that their cat is stressed with, “there is no way my cat is stressed, it just lies around all day inside.” We need to evaluate our cats stress from a different perspective. Hans Selye coined the term stress in the 1940’s. The original definition of stress, defines two types of stress, eustress and distress. Distressors are bad, and decrease quality of life. Overcrowding is a distress. Not eating enough, no exposure to the sun, being over-weight, no environmental stimulation are all distressors. Eustress is good, eustress improves your quality of life, eustressors make you live longer. Exercise is a eustress. Proper nutrition, proper environmental stimulation, sunlight, interaction with other living things are all eustressors. Most of the cats that I see with inappropriate urination do not have distress, they have deficiency of eustress. It has been shown in scientific studies that if your cat has too much stress (distress) then painful urination results and your cat may start urinating out of the box. Call KAH, our veterinarians will be glad to discuss your cats condition and help you work toward resolving this horrible problem.

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