Nov 17 2014

Anesthesia Procedures

Anesthesia is required for many procedures in veterinary medicine. Anesthesia is important in maintaining safety and comfort for your pet as veterinarians fix the problems of sick and injured patients. At Kirkwood Animal Hospital we feel that all anesthetic procedures, no matter how minor the procedure, require our best protocol. Patients will have a blood sample analyzed ahead of time to ensure the vital organs are working correctly. Patients have an intravenous catheter placed to allow the doctor and nurse access to the circulatory system to give medications for pain and emergency use if necessary. An Electrocardiogram (ECG) is run on all patients before surgery. The ECG is a good screening tool to tell how well your pet’s heart is working. We pre-oxygenate all patients. A light mask is held over your pet’s nostrils and they inhale 100% oxygen for a few minutes before anesthesia is begun. This is important to ensure vital organs have plenty of oxygen when the anesthesia is begun. We induce anesthesia with Propofol, which the doctors at KAH feel is the best and safest drug available to begin an anesthetic procedure. Dogs are maintained on Isoflurane gas and fluids are given to all patients during the procedure. A proper dose of I.V. fluids is very important in maintaining microvascular circulation, another important point of safety for your pet. All patients also receive pre and post- operative pain control medication. Your pet is monitored by a trained veterinary nurse while the pet is having surgery. The nurse and doctor also watch the electronic monitor that measures your pet’s body temperature, ECG trace, hemoglobin oxygen level, carbon dioxide blood level and respiratory rate. At KAH we feel this is the best process for ensuring you pet’s safety and comfort during surgery and teeth cleanings.

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